Kirkden, Angus, Scotland

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Tree: The Full Family Tree
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Friockheim is a village in Angus, Scotland dating from 1848.

[edit] History

In the middle of the magical diamond shaped parallelogram formed by the Angus burghs of Brechin, Montrose, Arbroath and Forfar lies the triangular village of Friockheim.

The birth of the village took place soon after 1814 when Thomas Gardyne of Middleton succeeded his brother as the laird of the lands of Friock and feud them to Mr John Andson, of Arbroath, who built a flax spinning mill and as proprietor-in-feu attracted many textile workers to come and settle on easy terms in what was at first known as Friock feus.

There seems no doubt that Mr Andson who had contracted his own name from the more familiar Anderson was a strong believer in original nomenclature. It was he who, having travelled to Germany, the home of the type of coarse linen called Osnaburghs, from the city of Osnabruck, which he was now manufacturing in this country, brought in the “heim” part of the name. He had to obtain the sanction of Thomas Gardyne as superior and together they agreed on the famous advertisement, which is virtually Friockheim’s foundation charter.

Printed in Arbroath and dated May 22, 1824 this read:

"The Spinning Mill and Village of Friock, of which Mr Gardyne of Middleton is the Superior, and Mr John Andson, Proprietor holding in feu, hitherto called 'Friock Feus' from this date henceforward is to be named “FRIOCKHEIM” and of which change of designation this on the part of Mr Gardyne and Mr Andson is notice unto all whom it may concern.”

So that was that. It certainly introduced a most unusual conjunction of Gaelic and German into the place names of Angus. Friock being simply a derivative from the Gaelic fraoch (heather) and from the German heim (home), i.e. Heather Home. Its pronunciation causes no difficulty to those in the know. They pronounce it 'Freecum'.

But look what has happened after over 150 years. The parish of Kirkden has disappeared. Friockheim the despised and rejected has become a cornerstone of the whole community. Mr Andson’s Mill was burnt to the ground in 1862 but other things took place.


"The parish is 7 miles from east to west and its breadth does not exceed 2 miles. At one part, within a mile east of the church, it does not exceed a stone-cast in width. It is bounded by Rescobie, Guthrie, Carmylie, Kinnell, Inverkeillor and Dunnichen. The prevailing wind is from the east, which, during the months of spring, carries dense aqueous vapours, here termed eastern haars, exhaled from the German Ocean. There are two excellent freestone quarries. Poaching is practised to some extent, but smuggling is now entirely abandoned. The parish contains about 789 manufacturing operatives, employed in spinning flax and weaving Osnaburg cloth, 2/3 of whom are females, and of these nearly 4/5 are weavers on the hand loom. The market towns of Arbroath and Forfar are each 5 miles from the parish. The nearest post offices are there. Application was made to Government a few months ago to establish a letter carrier between Arbroath & Forfar via Letham but this was rejected. A person has, on his own account, made a very good livelihood by undertaking the post between Forfar and Letham. There are 6 ale houses in the parish." (edited from The New Statistical Account of Scotland, Angus, 1840)

City/Town : Latitude: 56.6368786, Longitude: -2.6720809


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 DONALDSON, Alexander  3 Feb 1867Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11054 The Full Family Tree 
2 DONALDSON, David Esplin  31 Mar 1870Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11056 The Full Family Tree 
3 DONALDSON, Jemima  27 Jan 1872Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11057 The Full Family Tree 
4 DONALDSON, Lavina  26 May 1873Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11058 The Full Family Tree 
5 DONALDSON, Mary Ann  29 Jul 1868Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11055 The Full Family Tree 
6 ESPLIN, Agnes Matthew  4 May 1858Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11098 The Full Family Tree 
7 ESPLIN, Alexander Smith  24 Jan 1855Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11090 The Full Family Tree 
8 ESPLIN, Catherine Anderson  8 Apr 1839Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11079 The Full Family Tree 
9 ESPLIN, Christina  8 Nov 1859Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11249 The Full Family Tree 
10 ESPLIN, Elizabeth Ann  28 Mar 1865Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11250 The Full Family Tree 
11 ESPLIN, George  10 Aug 1856Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11248 The Full Family Tree 
12 ESPLIN, Isabella  10 Aug 1872Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11246 The Full Family Tree 
13 ESPLIN, Isabella Blair  29 Dec 1863Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11083 The Full Family Tree 
14 ESPLIN, James  26 Jan 1851Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11087 The Full Family Tree 
15 ESPLIN, Jean Shephard  24 Mar 1861Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11084 The Full Family Tree 
16 ESPLIN, Jess Blair  29 Mar 1857Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11089 The Full Family Tree 
17 ESPLIN, Joseph  8 Nov 1859Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11255 The Full Family Tree 
18 ESPLIN, Maria Jean  24 Dec 1868Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11247 The Full Family Tree 
19 ESPLIN, Martha  8 Nov 1861Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11251 The Full Family Tree 
20 ESPLIN, Nicol  20 Jan 1867Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11256 The Full Family Tree 
21 ESPLIN, Peter  31 Jul 1863Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11253 The Full Family Tree 
22 ESPLIN, Susan  27 Aug 1870Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11254 The Full Family Tree 
23 ESPLIN, William  17 May 1867Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11051 The Full Family Tree 
24 ESPLIN, William Anderson  8 May 1859Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11086 The Full Family Tree 
25 ESPLIN, William Kinnear  30 Oct 1857Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11252 The Full Family Tree 
26 GIBB, Agnes Jane  1877Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11134 The Full Family Tree 
27 GIBB, James  13 Mar 1872Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11169 The Full Family Tree 
28 GIBB, William Fyfe  24 Aug 1874Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11133 The Full Family Tree 
29 JOHNSTON, Alexander  21 Jul 1833Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1044 The Full Family Tree 
30 JOHNSTON, Ann  23 Dec 1831Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I968 The Full Family Tree 
31 JOHNSTON, Betsey  12 Apr 1835Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1045 The Full Family Tree 
32 JOHNSTON, Helen  24 Mar 1830Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1046 The Full Family Tree 
33 JOHNSTON, Isabella  15 Apr 1846Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1104 The Full Family Tree 
34 JOHNSTON, James  06 Oct 1851Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1040 The Full Family Tree 
35 JOHNSTON, Jean  20 Jan 1838Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1105 The Full Family Tree 
36 JOHNSTON, Jessie  07 Aug 1848Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1043 The Full Family Tree 
37 JOHNSTON, Margaret  08 Mar 1840Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1042 The Full Family Tree 
38 JOHNSTON, Mary  02 Oct 1842Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I1106 The Full Family Tree 
39 MILLAR, Jean Johnston  23 Jul 1853Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I970 The Full Family Tree 
40 MILLER, Alexander Dorward  14 Oct 1855Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I973 The Full Family Tree 
41 MILLER, John Mitchell  24 Dec 1859Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I972 The Full Family Tree 
42 MILLER, Mary Ann Johnston  04 Sep 1862Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I971 The Full Family Tree 
43 SHEPHERD, Agnes Leslie  2 Sep 1863Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11712 The Full Family Tree 
44 SHEPHERD, David  13 Nov 1872Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11715 The Full Family Tree 
45 SHEPHERD, Georgina  Abt 1875Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11716 The Full Family Tree 
46 SHEPHERD, James  12 Feb 1866Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11713 The Full Family Tree 
47 SHEPHERD, James Keillor  8 Oct 1868Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11705 The Full Family Tree 
48 SHEPHERD, Jean Ann  12 Sep 1869Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11714 The Full Family Tree 
49 SHEPHERD, John  9 Jul 1871Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11706 The Full Family Tree 
50 SHEPHERD, Martha  12 Sep 1874Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11720 The Full Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 ESPLIN, Alexander  28 Sep 1851Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11099 The Full Family Tree 
2 ESPLIN, Ann  5 Jan 1848Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11088 The Full Family Tree 
3 ESPLIN, Caroline Teviotdale  26 Aug 1849Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11093 The Full Family Tree 
4 ESPLIN, Charles Gordon  18 Jul 1841Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11097 The Full Family Tree 
5 ESPLIN, Elizabeth Maxwell Gordon  1 Nov 1843Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11095 The Full Family Tree 
6 ESPLIN, John Blair  31 Mar 1853Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11085 The Full Family Tree 
7 ESPLIN, Mary Ann Black  14 Jan 1847Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11094 The Full Family Tree 
8 ESPLIN, William Gordon  8 Jun 1853Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11096 The Full Family Tree 
9 SHEPHERD, Betsy  13 Nov 1854Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11695 The Full Family Tree 
10 SHEPHERD, Charles  12 Oct 1851Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11699 The Full Family Tree 
11 SHEPHERD, David  29 Mar 1840Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11698 The Full Family Tree 
12 SHEPHERD, Helen Esplin  17 Jun 1837Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11702 The Full Family Tree 
13 SHEPHERD, James  6 Apr 1847Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11697 The Full Family Tree 
14 SHEPHERD, Jess Rennie  12 Apr 1835Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11701 The Full Family Tree 
15 SHEPHERD, John  12 Jun 1842Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11696 The Full Family Tree 
16 SHEPHERD, Margaret Gordon  11 Jan 1833Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11703 The Full Family Tree 
17 SHEPHERD, Mary Ann McKenzie  21 Oct 1849Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11694 The Full Family Tree 
18 SHEPHERD, Robert  27 Dec 1844Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11700 The Full Family Tree 
19 WILLIAMSON, Ann  8 Dec 1845Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I15243 The Full Family Tree 
20 WILLIAMSON, George  3 Dec 1847Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I15244 The Full Family Tree 
21 WILLIAMSON, Margaret  12 Aug 1849Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I15245 The Full Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 DONALDSON, David Esplin  1914Kirkden, Angus, Scotland I11056 The Full Family Tree 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 MILLER / JOHNSTON  28 Feb 1853Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F178 The Full Family Tree 
2 ESPLIN / MCKENZIE  13 Dec 1855Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F3081 The Full Family Tree 
3 SHEPHERD / KEILLOR  6 Sep 1867Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F3210 The Full Family Tree 
4 SHEPHERD / CARR  29 Jan 1869Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F3212 The Full Family Tree 
5 SHEPHERD / SUTHERLAND  25 Apr 1873Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F3213 The Full Family Tree 
6 SHEPHERD / FERRIER  1893Kirkden, Angus, Scotland F3211 The Full Family Tree