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 Elusive People

Who are Robert Myhill's Parents?

Robert MYHILL was probably born about 1737 - from the Parish Records in Ludham, Norfolk we know he married Elizabeth BACON at St Catherine's Church Ludham 15 Oct 1760. We know all his children were christened at St Catherine's and we know that he was buried there on the 7th December 1807. But where was he born and who were his parents?
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Sybil Madaline Macfarren Myhill

1. Married Harold DUPREEZ or DUPREZ a. When? b. Where? c. Is that the correct spelling of DUPREEZ? 2. They had one child William (Bill) DUPREEZ a. Birth date and place? b. Death date? Death Place? Cause of Death? 3.What is the date and Place of Sybil's death? 4. What is the date and place of Harold's death?
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Where did the MacFar(r)en name come from? Judy has it in her names (with one "r") and Sybil does as well. In the 1891 census there is a border at "The Grange" in Fundenhall called Julia P MacFarren (she's aged 63) and was born in St Pancras, London - She's still there in 1901! But there are no clues - Does anyone have any ideas?
Thynne or Thyne

The name Thynne or Thyne crops up again and again in the Myhill family - Any idea why. As yet I have been unable to find any family connection at all!

 Mystery Photos

The Wedding of Alfred COLLINSON and Charlotte URQUHART

The wedding took place 2nd Aug 1910 but we don't know who the man and woman on the right of the photograph are - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The Myhill Sisters - But which is which?

I found this photograph amongst my grandmother's photographs. I'm sure it shows the 6 Myhill sisters but which is which. I know my Grandmother is seated right, and the infant is my Mother. I think that is Dolly standing centre back. But which is which amongst the others?
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