Male 1828 - 1895

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John MARSHALL's Sailing Record

Ruairidh says "These are from John Marshall's discharge certificates. There is a gap round about 1866-8, when a letter states he was on the Mazinthien, but I haven't included it because there's no official corroboration

18.10.1850 07.2.1851 Tam O'Shanter Arbroath Wm Lawrence Seaman Baltic Dysart
12.03.1851 26.10.1851 Joseph Green Peterhead Alexr Stewart Harpooner Davis Straits Peterhead
21.02.1853 05.08.1853 Kate Peterhead Joseph Scott Harpooner/ 1/2 Stearman Greenland Fishery Peterhead
08.02.1854 19.08 1854 Agostina Peterhead George Sellar Greenland
11.10.1854 02.12.1854 Lady Williamson Newcastle John Elliott Seaman London Shields
12.02 1855 23.08.1855 North of Scotland Peterhead John Gravill Harpooner Greenland Peterhead
14.01.1856 16.07.1856 Active Peterhead David Gray Mate Greenland Peterhead
08.09.1856 19.11.1856 Alma Banff Alxr Smith Mate Baltic Aberdeen
24 01.1857 28.10.1857 Sir Colin Campbell Peterhead Robert Birnie Mate Greenland & Davis Straits Peterhead
08.07.1858 19.10.1858 Mazinthien Peterhead Wm Allen Mate Greenland Peterhead
05.01.1859 05.09.1859 Mazinthien Peterhead William Allen Mate Greenland Peterhead
22.02.1860 19.08.1860 Mazinthien Peterhead William Allen Greenland Peterhead
05.02.1861 01.07.1861 Brilliant Peterhead Andrew Walker Mate Greenland Peterhead
12.09.1861 11.10.1861 Queen Caernavon John R Jones Able Seaman Oporto Hull
17.02.1862 02.08.1862 Intrepid Peterhead Robert Martin Spectioneer Greenland Peterhead
11.09.1862 22.10.1862 Elizabeth Wright Sunderland Joseph Gall Able Seaman Coasting Peterhead
10.11.1862 25.03.1863 Perseverance Peterhead Alexr Simpson Mate Foreign Londonderry
01.05.1863 02.09.1863 Perseverance Peterhead Alexr Simpson Mate Foreign Trade Truro
19.09.1863 12.12.1863 Perseverance Peterhead Alexr Simpson Mate Gibraltar Sth Shields
16.02.1864 24.08.1864 Dublin Peterhead Wllm Sellars Mate Greenland Peterhead
09.09.1864 08.11.1864 Ballindalloch Peterhead H.Mackie Mate Baltic Arbroath
31.03.1865 14.10.1866 Queen George Brown Chief Mate Cumberland Sraits etc Peterhead
02.03.1867 30.10.1867 Tay Birnie Greenland & Davis Straits Dundee
26.05.1870 09.08.1870 Nomad Inverness John Baxter First Mate Cherbourg S. Shields
03.09.1870 09.09.1870 Grenadier James W Newton Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
01.12.1870 08.01.1871 Erromango Sunderland James West Cook Std and AB Lisbon London
27.11.1871 10.01.1872 Summerside Colchester J K Stubbs Mate Coasting Shields
03.08.1872 07.10.1872 Otter Newcastle A M Walker Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
13.02.1872 01.05.1872 Snowflake Inverness Geo Kemp Mate 'C' Bilbao Newcastle
17.01.1873 15.02.1873 Chas Tennant London Geo Davison Able Seaman France and Spain Hull
18.10.1873 02.12.1873 Labor Sunderland H. Fuller Able Seaman 6 months agreement South Shields
06.03.1874 06.07.1874 Snowflake Inverness John Hafron Mate Huelva Burghead
26.11.1874 28.12.1874 Zeus SS London Robert Morgan Able Seaman Mediterranean North Shields
19.01.1875 25.03.1875 SS Zeus London Robert Morgan Seaman Mediterranean Marseilles
06.03.1883 28.03.1883 Admiral Newcastle Wm Williamson Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
07.04.1883 11.05.1883 S John Ormston Newcastle Robt Webster Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
10.07.1883 30.07.1883 Earl Percy Newcastle Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
07.10.1883 22.12.1883 Busy Bee Newcastle Able Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
12.02.1884 15.03.1884 Busy Bee Newcastle M Searle Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
12.02.1874 07.04.1884 Busy Bee Newcastle M Searle Seaman Home Trade Newcastle
03.07.1884 18.08.1884 Wetherall Newcastle B Forrest Able Seaman Trading Cardiff
02.09.1884 04.10.1884 SS Rowan Glasgow H Hutchinson Able Seaman Mediterranean Liverpool
05.12.1884 11.12.1884 Rowan Glasgow James Drummond Able Seaman Liverpool to Newport Newport
24.12.1884 26.01.1885 Universal Sunderland Thos Angus Able Seaman Barcelona Newport
02.03.1885 22.06.1885 Coniston Fell Liverpool J J Goldsmith 2nd Mate London River London

Owner/SourceRuairidh Greg
Date14 Nov 2008
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